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How We Make the Purest Drinking Water on Earth

The human body is almost 70% water. Water supports every function of your body in a big way, from temperature regulation to dissolving and flushing out toxins and impurities. Nothing can cleanse and quench your body like pure, distilled water. It is the most vital fluid you can drink

Many ailments and unhealthy conditions have been related to various forms of mineral accumulation in the body, from kidney failure to arthritis. It has been shown that distilled water actually removes these minerals from the body by dissolving them, instead of introducing more impurities like “Hard Water” and water from other impure sources. To read more about this potentially life-altering process, get a copy of The Choice is Clear by Dr. Allan Banik which is available at our offices.

H2Only water is purified using a unique extraction process that produces the purest water available anywhere. This is truly nature and science working together.

The most crucial part of our exclusive purification process is distillation. Like nature’s cleansing cycle 500 years ago, before pollution, acid rain, and other contaminants, water is evaporated and condensed, removing it from contaminants. This concept of removing the water from the impurities is the secret to truly pure water, unlike filtration, which unsuccessfully attempts the opposite; i.e., removing the impurities from the water.

H2Only VS Filtered Water: Filtered water is passed through a strainer and/or activated carbon. While carbon filters reduce disagreeable tastes and odors, they are not effective in removing contaminants such as arsenic, copper, lead, nitrates, parasites, sodium and sulfates … the list goes on. Filters eventually fill with an accumulation of the very substances they are trying to remove; bacteria and decay can cause worse problems in the water than the benefits they attempt to provide.

H2Only VS Spring Water: Spring water is derived from an underground formation from which water flows naturally to the surface of the earth. Spring water is not necessarily filtered and is not distilled, unless otherwise noted. Spring water could contain any chemicals, minerals and impurities that occur at that water source, whether from pollution or natural deposits.

Due to the perfect purity of our water it has a virtually endless shelf life. H2Only is your best choice for storing an emergency water supply.

Water, the fluid of life and the shaper of the earth, is made from the simplest and most abundant element in the universe, hydrogen, joined to the vital gas, oxygen. H2Only is pure water: That’s 100% ultra-pure H2O, and 0% everything else.

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